With more than 10,000 members at 6 students’ unions in Nova Scotia and over 500,000 members at 64 students’ unions across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Students is the voice of post-secondary education in the country.

Our Federation represents domestic and international students at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels, including full- and part-time students.

Member Locals

Local 07: Student Union of NSCAD University
Local 11: University of King’s College Students’ Union
Local 34: Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union
Local 69: Association générale des étudiants de l’Université Sainte-Anne
Local 95 : Cape Breton University Students’ Union
Local 113 : Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students

Executive & Staff

Chairperson: Aidan McNally
Deputy Chairperson: Nikki Jamieson
Treasurer: Brennan McCracken
Local 07 Representative: Kassidy Bernard
Local 11 Representative: Isabelle Reynolds
Local 34 Representative: Madeline Mitchell
Local 69 Representative: JoAnna Clark
Local 95 Representative: Gunny Brar
Local 113 Representative: Laura Cutmore
Indigenous Students’ Representative: Jenna Stewart
Racialized Students’ Representative: Lianne Xiao
Women’s Representative: Tiffany Gordon

Organizer: Sarah Trower
Organizer: Grant MacNeil
Summer Intern: Tess Puran
Summer Intern: Aisha Abawaji

Students are asking for: 1) The regulation, immediate freeze, and progressive elimination of tuition fees, increases to public funding and increased accountability for universities. 2) Create a 100% needs-based grants based student assistance system. 3) Introduce provincial legislation to combat sexualized violence on campus. 4) Medical Services Insurance for international students immediately upon arrival in Nova Scotia. 5) Banning the use of unpaid internships within the provincial government and the elimination of the inexperienced minimum wage. We look forward to working with decision makers to address the current state of post-secondary education in Nova Scotia. #cfsfcee #nspse #cdnpse

Did you know that the majority of Nova Scotian’s are in favour of the reduction of tuition fees? Students are calling on the provincial government to invest in post-secondary institutions and immediately regulate and reduce tuition fees.
#cfsfcee #fightthefees #nspoli #cdnpse

Sexualized violence is a barrier to accessing post-secondary education.

Unfortunately, our institutions continue to fail to provide adequate policies, supports, and accomodations for survivors.

Nova Scotian’s are overwhelmingly in favor of better supports for survivors on campus. Full results of public opinion polling can be found at

#cfsfcee #nspoli #cdnpse #consentismandatory


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